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In my previous post, I discussed some really lovely great people and some really shitty horrible people. So before we get started or go into any of this.. Quick shoutout to all those really lovely people again and a few more this time. These lot are the best. Most of them probably couldn’t care less that they are mentioned in this post but all the same, if you’re looking for great talent and really cool chill people on NG, here’s a list:

@Sexual-Lobster , @Chluaid , @Krinkels , @Emily-Youcis , @SamGreen , @Blordow , @AlmightyHans , @Luis , @doublemaximus , @AliceMako , @Haroshi , @Tyler , @YurgenBurgen , @SoupCat , @Totty , @Bucketboi , @VicariousE , @Mich , @4cat , @Sense-Offender , @ConceptSama , @Wonchop , @GerkinMan , @LegendaryFrog , @ZekeySpaceyLizard , @Mottis , @The-Swain

From herein, we go into the deep end. The natural progression now, is to talk about an even shittier group of people than the previous post!! That is the purpose of this post. To discuss the only people who lie, cheat and gaslight their own people more than those mentioned in my previous post… The only people worse than the worst people I’ve personally ever known. Who is it? The very people in charge! Not all of them, obviously. Though, it goes without saying that something strange is happening in the world right now. Britain, infinitely locked into a weird never-ending Brexit, with no actual exit [from the EU] in sight. In France and much the rest of Europe, there are Yellow Vest protests against the entire banking system. Then in America they have the seemingly worst possible president conceivable, even though he’s clearly a more peaceful person than Clinton. Why is all this weird stuff going on? Simple answer. The Deep State and the New World Order. Whether you believe in these things is irrelevant. They’re real and they are happening. What you are witnessing is a revolt against them, right from within. You don’t even have to dig too deep for proof of a shadow government.

Lets start by covering what comes to mind for most people, regarding this subject. The Illuminati. Oh yeah, ‘as if one group can just control this whole world’. No. Not anymore anyway. It was once that way, until they were disbanded in the 1800’s. If you’d like to hear more about this, I highly recommend the works of Myron C Fagan or Nesta Webster. You will see the very same tactics used and the very same issues discussed that are all happening today. Even down to Nesta being remembered as a “Far-right Extremist”. A slanderous term, they gave her for opposing their agenda.

Illuminati actually refers to a bloodline. The bloodlines of the Illumined. Those whom consider themselves enlightened. They think they are better than everyone else. So since their official club was disbanded, they split up to form things like The Atlantic Council, The Council on Foreign Relations and the ADL. The list goes on and is a number of stories, within itself. Featuring interesting people like Albert Pike right through to modern characters like Winston Churchill. Point is, they are very active and in positions of high power - including the entire banking structure, which controls everything - funding both sides of every war. While also controlling organisations like the UN, allowing them freedom to commit war crimes and basically do as they please, with or without the backing of other nations. If you are in any doubt of this, please study this mural from the UN headquarters. Which depicts “The apocalypse” and our ‘wonderful world leaders’ surviving in underground bunkers and coming out to rebuild, once it all blows over. No thanks.


Bringing us smoothly to the other thing which ties most of these people together. Congress De Wilhelmsbad, 1782. Their religion: Freemasonry. Another secret society that has been boycotted in history. A very mysterious and powerful organisation, containing many of our world elites. High ranking members having higher degrees. From leaders, to bankers, to law makers. They have elaborate uniforms, elaborate titles like Knight. A title which can be gifted to you by their highest ranking female, Queen Elizabeth. Yes. It goes right to the top. Before we turn this into an anti-authority witch hunt, lets remind ourselves that they are not all evil. If happenings like Q anon are anything to go by, there are most certainly “good” Alliance factions, within the Deep State and these organisations. As with any such hierarchy, it essentially comes down to rank. There’s no way low level members can truly know what is going on and the true agenda of the people at the top. It is designed that way. So that the lower people don’t even know the higher ranks have a separate doctrine. That doctrine is not Freemasonry, not Christianity, Islam or whatever public-facing religion their Lodge has. This is the true religion of these evil people. Satanism. The practice of Occult Ritual and horrible acts of Original Sin. Which is why persecuting a religious or ethnic group is just another farce designed by them, to distract and divert attention away from them. All it comes down to is power.

Another thing Rank and power needs is: Centralised control; their whole agenda. That important factor which allows them to infiltrate just about every industry and system in the world. The ability to have absolute control over public opinion. Austerity has only solidified that, as almost all influential independant businesses have been brought up by the banks. Remember the good times, before the Credit Crunch? Before Recession. Nostalgia exists because they have taken away those good times. To facilitate their spiteful work against humanity. The mainstream media is now one voice inside a giant echo chamber. Even corporate media is the same rhetoric, from the same old war criminals. Recent Mueller probe as prime example. Robert Mueller being the very scumbag that sent us on a wild goose chase for “WMD’s in Iraq”. Now inventing fake shit about Russia with similar intent. To keep us all scared. To spend all your tax. To cull the population. UN Agendas in a nutshell.

By now, you might be wondering “how have they hidden all this?” or “why has this never come out in full?” and that really is quite simple. They own both sides, the opposition and the the defence. They own the media corporations that report these things. They own the organisations that investigate these things and most importantly the courts, which have the final verdict on these things. This has come out. Repeatedly. You are programmed to laugh it off as a “conspiracy theory” or mock anyone who provides a conflicting narrative. Look at the amount of whistleblowers from the last 10 years alone. How many more do you think they have silenced? Look at the censorship push online, with EU Articles 11 and 13. How long did we fight for Net Neutrality? Remember SOPA and ACTA? They are desperately trying to stop this from becoming vast public knowledge. That's all this censorship and politically correct nonsense is really about. The internet poses a huge threat to their control system, while also being their primary source of intel on us. They've worked tireless for decades, to strip it bare of any independent voices and turn it into a gigantic global data-mine. Essentially, they are running out of places to hide. They do bad things everywhere they go, even online. People are aware and they are angry with them. The way it should be. Not scared. What comes of hiding this information? More murder. More pain. More sorrow. More anguish. The same that has come from hiding almost any information, throughout history. This needs to be known, by all. UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030. They are evil plans. To divide society even further and instil martial law on our streets. To kill the population. A Totalitarian, Communitarian, Technocratic hellhole. As the world is rolled into one world governance, one world religion and one evil regime. That’s not freedom. They don’t respect your human rights. Go and read the Georgia Guide stones. That’s what they really think of you.


This is done through control. The banks own everything. Austerity has crippled the entire market. That’s not going anywhere either. Wasn’t the point of that to stop our debts and pay it all off? Why have we started more conflicts and are spending more money on pointless upgrades like 5G? Aren’t we supposed to ration during wartime? This is not ok. This is not fine. Now is the time to say enough is enough. Take your own sovereignty back because no referendum or vote is going to do that. They only want to take that away and sell it to the highest bidder. They will gut out your countries infrastructure. Buy out all your local businesses. Slowly take control of everything until they own it all and you depend on them. That is UN Agenda 2030. By 2030 they want to enslave the entire world, essentially. Their markets, their trade. This is not how it has to be. The system works but it is rigged by deranged people in charge. It has never been fair and now they are only working to make it even more unfair. Not the false promises of progress they give you in every election cycle. Secret societies, who have enacted plans over centuries. Far longer than just one generation or one lifetime. These plans deliberately lengthy, making them harder for people to follow. Carefully orchestrated by your own top brass. All the the intelligence communities are involved, on behalf of these evil control freaks. Working against everything we hold dear. Getting you to buy into their next ponzi scheme. The higher degrees of Freemasonry and other secret societies are totally separate and use a different doctrine to the lower, crowd-facing levels. Their modus operandi is pure evil.

They’ve created these conflicts and divided society to such an extreme, exactly for the sole purpose of enacting their wicked plan. This shit is crazy and everyone who gets mad at Trump or whatever straw-man/scapegoat they have you chasing in circles, is mostly revealing their truly blind ignorance to reality. Individuals like him aren’t the problem, he has no power compared to the banks or shadow government. His administration is certainly dangerous and fascist but fact is, he is just one tiny part in their big spy game. Which is why they’re trying too hard and conveniently using it as a big distraction from all their other terrible deeds. Stupidity sells. Look how many false flags they’ve driven us into war over. 9/11 being the obvious one. Syria and a chemical gas attack which was never proven to be Assad. Now they’re trying it with Russia. Telling you mysterious “russian hackers” leaked the DNC emails and tried to hack your elections. Even though there’s no proof and the files were transferred at an impossible speed (meaning it was done locally, on USB. Not “hacked”). The Skripal poisoning in the UK. Our battered and abused NHS somehow cured a military grade poison in a General Hospital? It doesn’t add up, on so many fronts. Then they deliberately confused it, with another supposed “poisoning” in which Dawn Sturgess died. Both times, the media completely failing to mention that all victims were admitted under suspected Fentanyl overdose. Which also happens to be the cabal’s weaponised drug of choice at the moment. This whole situation is fucked. Even John Cleese has spoken out about this. Everyone is so deep in lies and corruption that they just go along with whatever they’re told. Outrageous. Have some fucking morality and self respect for gods sake. Stand up and say no. Call them out for their trashy pantomime bullcrap. This shit costs not money but lives.

After reading all this, if you still want to look to someone like Joe Rogan in the Bully-cult for confirmation bias that this isn’t real.. Or if you’re struggling to explain all this to someone else.. Ask them, ask yourself, where’s the evidence to contrary? Where’s the proof that Soros didn’t crash the stock market for personal gain on Black Wednesday? Where’s the evidence that there was any Russian collusion? Where’s the evidence for WMD’s in Iraq? Why can’t they explicitly say who did 9/11? Why do all the elites gather at weird places like Bohemian Grove? Why can’t they properly explain Kennedy’s assassination to this day? Why did Syria’s Civil War become a global conflict? Why are they censoring harmless online communities? Heck, how did they “lose the technology which got us to the moon”!? Where’s the evidence for fucking Darwin theory? There are no mysteries in this world. Only bullshit. Created by MENTALLY DERANGED Satanic, Freemason wankers. Have a read of Morals & Dogma sometime, the book considered to be their bible.

Knowing about this stuff doesn’t mean you have to exorcise yourself from all mainstream media or anything of the sort. Nor does it mean you have to live in fear of these maniacs and their agendas. Far from it, these people are cowardly perverse spooks with immature childish egos. It helps to be aware. Don’t let them take advantage of us and betray our good intentions. They use unwitting patsies all the time and prey on our naive innocence. They’re not going to give you this information in black and white. It’s not about Right vs Left or one religion vs another; none of these false paradigms which serve humanity in no way at all. Don’t play those silly little games. What they’ve really made this about is the only ‘racism’ which has ever truly existed: Rich vs Poor. This is Us, vs Them.


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