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Ayy thanks for the shoutout, didn't even realize you mentioned me in a previous post, glad to see you're still at it too! Though I don't have as much fun these days as I did in my "sprite" days lol. Also I have an open mind about conspiracy theories, I did a lot of my own research over a decade ago and was really into it, until I realized it was just making me feel powerless and instead focused on improving my own life more so than worry about what the powers that be could be doing. Still learnt a lot, If anything I'm more so interested in the stuff we can't see these days, like other realms, higher dimensional realities and beings, visitations from spirit, etc.

Hah yes the previous post was a bit personal and arsey so I didn't @ anyone. Great to hear from you , always :)

It's absolutely essential to keep an open mind about anything! One thing the media and Bully-cult of Scientism do not allow. With their decades of research providing the best answer: "we don't know". So I stopped listening to "reputable sources" and went on what was observable and proven. Quickly discovered NASA is the Hebrew word for deceive, so stopped trusting them - after seeing they've been caught faking many things.

Extremely important to focus on yourself and just develop too .. I did a lot of that after my fatal accident. Then there was a weird sort of cross-over. As our insane government try to roll out 5G (military radar tech) I began looking at frequencies and saw that operates on ones which make us ill and outright kills small animals/insects. Then my historical research lead me to Michael Tellinger (https://youtu.be/OO_EoqnabQ8), whom also does workshops on the financial banking cartel as well as the weird spirit/ancient stuff. Then I discovered occult ritual was actually an ancient form of MK Ultra mind control. If you want more on that,check out http://www.EdgeOfWonder.tv .. I felt hopeless for a while too. Then realised I was being mislead by aptly-named Gatekeepers. Now I see right through their bullshit and stand up to these bullies, like I was always told to.

Also, you might like my thread here on frequencies. Features some of the more interesting "unseen realm" videos I've found... https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1437681
Supernatural forces are most definitely real. It's a lot simpler than they'd have you believe as well. We are all engaged in spiritual warfare right now. They're trying to detach us from our souls, ridiculing people who believe this stuff because Scientism says "oh we all just evolved from bacteria and everything's random, we're floating through space with no one at the wheel. Our ancestors were just stupid cavemen with chisels, don't listen to them" but the minute you look into these theories, they are just that. Theories. None of it is set in stone, like the stories our ancestors tried to tell us.

We sure were spoilt, in the "sprite days" :D complete freedom. They didn't have the manpower to deplatform people or spread misinformation online. Personally, I grew up almost exclusively listening to and watching content they don't want us to know about. As did many of us. I feel it was the most valuable thing in shaping me and in this age of technology, what right do they have to withhold factual information from anyone? Because it exposes their lies and incriminates them? Hmmm

Thanks for the shout out! I am a big fan of conspiracy theories, I find them incredibly entertaining and they even inspire my work a bit. I dont by into them personally most of the time but they certainly make for interesting and sometimes inspiring stories!

No probs :) I was just happy to see all my favourite artists were still active in some way, when doing some major soul searching back in 2016.
Definitely helps to be aware of conspiracies but only the ones that's can be backed up. They're making it increasingly difficult for people to trace their crimes and often, the truth is far stranger than fiction.

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