Animator Seeking Audio Artists for Upcoming Web Series

2014-06-16 14:44:28 by AcidX

What's up NewGrounds. You might have seen my ad in the collabinator; it's still open and I really need the musical theme tune as one episode is almost ready for release! I've had a great response from voice actors; still, if you're available, why not get in touch? Copy of the ad is below.

The situation is quite simple; I recently left my job and have lots of free time. No one wants to hire me, fund me or represent me so instead - with this free time - I am putting two webseries' into production. One I'm doing entirely with a friend but for the other, I'm interested in reaching out to you guys and working with people from around the world!

I'm looking for two things:

Here's some inspiration from here on NG
Really like the drum roll effects in there.. Love the clean, real sounding drum ad-libs. This is almost spot on aside from the melody. Want something more bass/drum orientated; a real jungle melody, more like the breakdown in the middle of this

Also like intro music on the zero punctuation videos, the full song is cool but not the style I'm going for. Open to a distorted guitar with DnB though!
FPS Russia's ambient sound, as an intro jingle
Jazza's funky drumming, as an intro

Something PUNCHY and FAST... I'm looking for a kind of progressive-jungle-liquid clip, no more than 30 seconds long. Think amen breaks, played with real crisp modern drums (live if you want). Possibility of a full version if you want but there must be a roughly 30sec clip for a credits roll. Must be 174bpm.
The intro ident will play at the start and be around 10secs, so it would be good if there's a "detachable" little break for that.
NO DUBSTEP or 100bpm or whatever shitty derivatives.

Because I suck at anything but British 'street' accents or really retarded characters. Which does cover about 20% of it.
Must have great sense of humour and be open to VERY controversial topics. Anything from rape, to discrimination. Standard adult cartoon really. Ideally you are 21+
My scripts are lenient, I would rather you act them in a way that feels comfortable and natural. Adapt them to the funniest, most relaxed delivery.
Will definitely need a female for female voices. No drag acts, Austria.

Artists will be properly credited here on NG in every episode. Name in credits; will link/reccomend your youtube channel/social media/website (whichever preferred). Can't guarantee payment but you will always get at least 10% cut each, of any NG revenue, guaranteed. On all episodes you are featured. That amount is subject to how many people feature / your role per episode but that's the minimum. Any further revenue or payment (youtube monies) is best discussed once we're actually up and running. I promise 100% transparency on this.

Note: PM me on here, or contact me through my site. I'm not on Skype or steam all the time. Can give you all the info you need.


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